Business Services

Business Tax Returns 
Our firm utilizes one of the top tax preparation programs available to ensure complete, concise and accurate returns. All business tax returns are reviewed by our senior staff member, who has 26 years of tax preparation experience.

Tax Planning & Research 
We research tax questions utilizing a state-of-the-art online search platform, which provides us with the most current authoritative tax information.

To provide greater security to our business customers, we will e-file their business tax returns whenever possible. E-filing your business tax return provides several benefits, which include: eliminating the possibility that your tax return will be lost in the mail, and providing an electronic acknowledgement from the IRS upon receipt of your return.

Payroll Services

We can provide a payroll solution to meet your specific needs. Our payroll software provides expandable options for both pay categories and payroll withholding. We can print both payroll and agency checks for you, ready for your review and signature. You will be provided with a payroll register and a year-to-date earnings register for your records.

Custom Payroll Reports
We can design custom payroll reports to meet your specific needs.

After-the-Fact Payroll Services
We will take the data from your manually prepared payroll and enter it into our system to provide assistance to you with tax payment, payroll tax returns or other reporting requirements.

Payroll Tax Deposits
We will provide you with the amounts and due dates for payment of the payroll tax liabilities of your company. With your authorization, we will schedule your tax payments for automatic withdrawal from your business checking account.

Payroll Tax Returns
We will prepare the required quarterly and annual payroll tax returns for your business and will e-file those returns to the appropriate taxing authority.

Benefits to You
Transferring your payroll processing responsibilities to our firm will enable you to devote more of your time to doing what you do best: running your business.