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Late Tax Season 2013: Getting Ready

Thanks to a last-minute congressional response to the so-called “fiscal cliff” crisis, the start of the 2013 tax season has been postponed eight days, the Internal Revenue Service announced last week. The “vast majority” of taxpayers, the IRS says, will be able to begin filing their returns as of Jan. 30, but others could be […]

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3 Tax Deductions That Save You The Most

Our favorite thing to do for customers is to save them money. Make sure that you track these three deductible expenditures that can save you the most. Keep track of your spending over the year, so it’s easy to deduct at tax time! Three Tax Deductions that Can Save Money 1. The Child Care Tax […]

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4 Tax Deductions To Keep an Eye On

Let’s be frank, tax deductions save you money. Keeping track of them throughout the year can save you time when tax season hits. We’ve compiled a list of four tax deductions to remember. Keep your receipts for these itemized deductions: 1. Unreimbursed Medical and Dental Expenses – This deduction applies to out-of-pocket medical and/or dental […]

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