Accounting Services

Computerized General Ledger 
We will enter your company’s financial activity such as sales, cash receipts, cash disbursements, electronic payments, asset acquisitions or disposals, and journal entries as required from your company’s sales records, duplicate checks and related documentation you provide. You will be provided a copy of the detailed general ledger for your company. The detailed general ledger will facilitate your analysis of specific income and expense categories.

Financial Statement Preparation 
Basic financial statements include a balance sheet and an income statement. The balance sheet lists the assets, liabilities and equity of your company at a specific point in time. The income statement lists the revenue, expenses and net income of your company for a specified period. The financial statements are used by the owner and third-party entities, such as lending institutions, to determine the operating performance and financial strength of your company. There are several levels of service from which to choose, including compiled, reviewed or audited financial statements.

Projected Financial Statements 
Whether you are purchasing an existing business or require financing to expand your existing business, you will need to provide banks with an explanation of your plans. To ensure the success of your loan request, you will need to provide the lending institution with an explanation of how the loan proceeds will be utilized. You will also need to explain how the business purchase or business expansion will enhance the operating performance and how it will increase the financial strength of your business. You will need to assure them that you will be able to repay your loan. We will utilize our knowledge and expertise to convert your plans and assumptions into a concise and understandable financial presentation.

Personal Financial Statements 
In addition to the projected financial statements listed above, your successful loan application will include personal financial statements. We can assist you with the preparation of your personal financial statements from your personal financial records.

Software Training & Support 
If you have purchased either QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting software to maintain your business financial records, we can assist you in the form of hands-on training or assist you with specific issues.